logo and branding that customers can relate to and remember will earn their trust and business.
DCADMA goes through a multi-step process to guarantee you with the best possible logo to communicate your brand clearly. With unlimited edits we make sure you and your business get a logo up to your standards



ur Logo Design Process

Our logo design process ensures that your company’s logo is sure to impress potential customers while strengthening your bottom line.

  • Step 1: The Design Brief
  • Step 2: Brainstorming and Research
  • Step 3: Draft Production
  • Step 4: Step Back
  • Step 5: Client Feedback
  • Step 6: Delivery



The Design Brief

Our designers get as much information as possible about the target audience, current color schemes, background of the business and all the goals your company wants to achieve



Planning and Research

Finding Keywords that can relate to your business’s services or products is crucial. From there we will attach images, themes, texts, and shapes that best represent your core business



Draft Production

After researching about what represents your business, the draft production process will begin. DCADMA will create multiple designs with various color schemes and fonts that best communicate your business. With multiple options available of each design it will show a full scope of the research phase and how it translates into a design



Step Back

Designers will take a step back on the project to reflect and study the core of your business. This is to focus on the content of your business to make sure the design portrays your brand perfectly. Once returning the design minor edits will be made and prepared for a client presentation.



Client Feedback

Clients will receive multiple options to look over and review with a written description of why we choose the exact designs presented. This will also be time for designers to get any edit info the client may want, so that designers can go back and edit until the customer is satisfied.




Once the client is happy with the logo, our designer will produce all the file types needed. After delivery of the final files, it is time to think about placing the logo on marketing materials and on the website




Designing a logo is a time-consuming project with DCADMA’s design process we will leave clients with a perfect logo for branding and image of the business. A Logo is a solid investment that will directly represent your business and clients will always recognize it on all of your marketing materials. Your business’s services or products will all have your logo on it, for past and future clients add an international standard logo by DCADMA to give you the most professional brand possible.


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